Stäubli: the response to requirement

A comprehensive product line dedicated to the supply of compressed air tools and other pneumatic applications. Guaranteed maximum performance and reliability, our compressed air range benefits from expert knowledge of fluid connection and applications.

Safety at the heart of our profession

Absolute safety protects all products against the risk of violent ejection of pressurized hoses. Procedures and quality controls strengthened by: monitoring legislative and regulatory texts, compliance with safety standards (ISO 4414 and ISO 6150 series C), unit tightness and connection testing on all couplings…


Anti-hose whip video

Perfect sealing, an economic solution

Leakage between the compressor and the tool causes 15 to 30% of compressed air to be lost. Only 1 extra bar of pressure means an increase in energy consumption of 6 to 7%. Do the math and choose Stäubli solutions to optimize the tightness of your circuits and reduce energy consumption!

Consistent performance

You can rely on the high quality materials of Stäubli to deliver optimum connector performance and tightness, with the guaranteed assurance of flow rate in all compressed air circuits. Our couplings also minimize operator stress, thanks to ergonomic design and lightweight materials.

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