Blowing unit with steel blowgun PML

This blowing unit, consisting of a coiled hose and steel blowgun, comes ready to be connected. A long lever makes the PML flexible and practical to use, while all-steel construction makes it tough and durable.

Applications: Blowing in mechanical, electrical, wood and plastics industry workshops

Technical specifications

  • Tube nominal diameter DN (mm) : from 5 x 8 to 6.5 x 10
  • Maximum allowable pressure PS (bar)*: 10


Compressed air


  • Chrome steel blowgun body
  • Hardened nozzle surfaces
  • 18/8 stainless steel springs

Other features

  • 5 types of nozzles for 5 different applications: MIK, SIL, VEN, ZEP and COT
  • 2 tube diameters and 4 working lengths

*depending on the model and operating conditions