Quick couplings with anti-hose whip safety

  • stainless steel material
  • non-scratch version
  • Ø 06 to 33 mm

Self storing connection and blowing units

  • with stainless steel quick couplings (non-scratch version available)
  • with blowgun in composite material or steel
  • different lengths

Submicronic filters to achieve perfect air quality without particles

  • filtration of particles and oil aerosols
  • from 40 to 2800 m³/h

Air treatment unit to filter, regulate, lubricate

  • filtration levels perfectly suited to the requirements needed for correct operation of pneumatic components
  • adjustment accuracy
  • from 1500 to 11000 Nl/min

Hose reel with open or closed drum

  • supply of pneumatic tool and blowgun with compressed air
  • compact version
  • range of diameters and working lengths

Pipes with immediate connection

  • anti-corrosion
  • modular
  • quick installation for immediate action

Stäubli compressed air network for final application: safety and performance

Discover an efficient and safe compressed air network that integrates the distribution, filtration, connection and blowing of air. At Stäubli, we do not simply provide a product. Our sales engineers strive to help customers obtain the right solution for their equipment and application. Let us help you find the best design to distribute optimal airflow to meet your network needs.

Product range